How is Silk Made?
Silk if created from the filaments harvested from the cocoon is a silk worm who eat the leaves of a mulberry tree.
These fibres can be many kilometers long. They are washed and woven into fabric.Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics known to man.

How long has silk been in use?
Before paper or canvas was created, there was silk for paintings and writing. Silk was produced before 6803B.C. The oldest surviving piece of silk is dated at 3630 B.C.

What are the different types of Silk?
Names like organza, chiffon, gauze, satin, dupioni, and habitoi all refer to types of silk. Momme refers to the weight of silk. Each of these types of silk has a weight the silk painters may refer to in describing their art.

What kind of techniques are used?
There are many techniques used in silk painting that give each work of art their distinctive look. Each process has its own use and charm. From wall art to wearables the combination of techniques if endless.

How can I tell handpainted silk scarves from reproduced silk scarves?
Handpainted silk will look the same on both sides of the scarf. The dyes are imbedded in the silk fabric, especially nice on a scarf. Reproduced means the image is printed on the surface of the silk (or polyester) and will not be as vibrant on the underside of the scarf.

What tools are used?
The Silk is first washed, pressed and stretched on a frame. The silk needs to be taunt for the best outcome.The silk dyes are applied with brushes.The silk art is then steamed. This makes the dyes permanent for many years of enjoyment.

Is Silk washable?
Yes! Silk is a very durable fabric. With minimal care, your artwork or wearable item can last for many years.

How to care for Silk?
Wall art can be lightly dusted. It must be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Wearables can be handwashed in cool water with a mild detergent, pressed while damp. Any metallic finishes needed to be pressed face down.

Why do prices vary on like items?
Many variables go into the creating of a piece of art. From the different costs of the silk, the time needed to produce the art and the steaming process all can take many hours. Still, A labour of Love!

Silk is the most amazing and durable fabric, yet so fine. A truly exquisite fabric that suits everyone.